Shaping the Future

As an eco-responsible company, all of our operations are established according to rules and practices with a minimum impact on the environment. Since Water-Gate water barriers are fully recyclable, they can be recycled after their useful life of 20–25 years.

MegaSecur is

Sustainable development is at the heart of our business mission: during the manufacture of Water-Gate barriers, all residues are sent to a non-profit organization where they are recycled, transformed and reintegrated into society in the form of various objects.

Reducing dependence on single-use products by offering, among other things, reliable and sustainable solutions that aim above all to protect communities and the environment is our business! We are actively involved in the sustainable development of our community by contributing to projects that are both promising and innovative in recycling raw materials. What gives meaning to our gesture is that we offer a second life to this material which will be transformed into durable objects (park benches, children’s play furniture, etc.) and which will enhance the new urban landscape of tomorrow.